's new platform

With more small tools and helpers adding up, and more powerful ones in the work, a new platform became a necessity.

Please find all our existing tools, and new ones here :

What's new :

The Mods Advisor

It's the next version of our database of mod setup suggested for each character, with multiple filters, and a layout more adapted than the blog

The Mods Manager

A new application directly plugged to your account. Find all your mods here, use our multiple filters, and discover the rating of your mods.

Among the features currently released :

  • All your mods on a single page
  • No registration required (but you need an account up to date
  • One button filters : instant sorting and filtering, convenient on mobile devices
  • Character filter : find mods on specific characters, or hide mods on specific character
  • Unassigned mods : if you use regularly the mods manager, the database will keep track of your mod collection and will remember all your mods, even if they're currently unassigned.
  • Mod rating : secondary bonuses on mods are where big bonus can appear. With our rating you can quickly identify mods with above average stats. The more players joining, the better the rating will become.
  • Profile sharing : you want to share an access to your mods and rating : use the share profile link

The mods manager works because's team kindly let me use their data. They're doing an awesome work, and without them this tool would not be possible.

Have fun with this new platform, and feel free to leave me your feedback below !