It's been a while. Time flies !

5 months since my last blog post. That's not very nice of me... But I'm back with some good news.


First, the Mods Manager is working again ! It's been a journey, but it's now simpler than ever to use. Bring your in-game Ally Code and you're set !

Many ideas are popping, I'll try to improve the current tools, and provide more in the future ! A big thanks to erm... Shittybill.
Nicknames are nicknames :)
Find him on Discord with his tag : shittybill#3024


The quite popular JediStarBot is becoming the official Crouching Rancor Bot for Discord.
That's not something you might know, Zerist and I are in the same guild, sharing ideas for a while. A bit shout out to Zerist for his wonderful work !
Now we will try to bring you more !

A decent logo

Because having one is cool...

Welcome to the new Crouching Rancor website !