Luke Skywalker's Journey has started, how to mod him ?

New characters have been added/updated to the mods advisor application

This article covers the latest additions and revisions to the game : Commander Luke Skywalker and the reworked Rebels : Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), Stormtrooper Han, and Han Solo (Raid Han).

Feel free to discuss our choices in the comments below

Commander Luke Skywalker

Commander Luke Skywalker is a character with many faces. He has a complex set of skills, providing multiple strong bonuses. Thus modding can provide multiple variants :

  • More potency to consistently apply those debuffs
  • Critical Chance and Damage to increase Call to Actions effects
  • A lot of Protection (with Call to Action + Rebel Maneuver he can reach +100% defense), combined with R2-D2's smoke screen he can become a strong Tank.
  • Speed to make him hit as often as possible for debuffs, and switching battle stances...

The primary bonuses will depend on the sets you will be using :

  • Triangle : you can go Critical Chance/Critical Damage(/ Offense) for maximum damage, or Protection for durability
  • Cross : you can pick Potency on the cross for more chances to apply debuffs, Protection, or maybe Offense
  • Speed on the arrow
  • Protection on the Circle

R2-D2 is unsurprisingly a very strong ally.

Luke Skywalker (farmboy)

We slightly changed our recommendations.

The classic Critical Damage + Critical Chance set is a possible solution, but we stick to 2 Critical Chance set, supplemented by a Potency set.

Potency is important to keep landing the damage over time and stuns, and moreover, with the Zeta upgrade on "Draw a Bead", Luke's critical damage is now automatically increased each turn.

Critical Chance is obvious to trigger turn meter gain, and benefit from the critical damage bonus.

As for primary bonuses :

  • Potency or Protection on the cross. Some offense is possible
  • Critical Chance or Critical Damage on the triangle.
  • Speed on the arrow (how original)
  • Protection on the Circle (are there any other primary bonuses on circles ?)

This new Luke seems to benefit a lot from R2-D2 ! Probably not fit for Arena squads, but he might prove useful in raids.

Princess Leia

No changes : she wants to deal strong critical hits. Stick with critical damage and critical chance bonuses.
Go for critical damage bonus on the cross, Offense or protection on the cross.

Stormtrooper Han

No changes as well. You want him to play very fast to take the best out of his special which grant turn meter to your squad (draw fire). A speed set will help you for this ; add a potency set to have more chances to reduce enemy turn meter.

Has a tank, give him some protection on the triangle, and potency or protection on the cross.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)

No changes to our recommandations. Make him fast to use his mind tricks often with a speed set, and a potency set to debuff all the enemies.

With a new taunt skill, protection on the triangle is more than ever usefull. Potency or protection on the cross.

Han Solo ("Raid Han")

Same as Leia. A pure damage dealer setup.
No changes to our recommandations