We are happy to announce that the Boba’s counters discord bot is now usable by everyone in the swgoh community. Below you will find a couple of links to help you get set up  

Invite the Bot
Boba’s Tools Discord
Counters Website

So what makes it different? There’s alot of counter sheets and sites around but what we missed was a solution which showed information in a very fast and easy to edit way. We first created a website where we set a bunch of counters with a UI where you can easily navigate to the counter you want to see

When you click one of the teams you will find it’s usual 5 characters, a small description of their special abilities and the counters.

Here you can select a counter to get tactics and usually a video

Most counter sheets show counters to teams but we haven’t seen many where fleets were included. So on our page we have added fleets aswell

But wait there is more!

Just a website wasn’t giving information quick enough and we wanted to have the option to show counters using very simple discord commands. We created a bot where you can simply type something like >gg or >jkr and it would show you not only soft and hard counters but we also added medium counters.

The bot also has events like >reek >sithraid >acklay  and we have just started adding reverse counters. You can for example check out what bossk can counter using <bossk

We hope you have a lot of fun using it!