You may have noticed I'm keeping a list of the credit heists, but I'm writing down as well all my results.

More than a year of heists !

My fist Tier IV Credit Heist was on Sept 09th 2016. It's been a while... For this first maximum tier result, I've been rewarded by a nice 7.5M reward !

I've been lucky enough to receive once a 10M reward ! It was in october 2016... It's been more than a year.

Fast forward, today : 92 credit heist totals, from which I've played 71 at the last tier. That's 142 attempts other 81 weeks, totalling 374M credits.

A quick division later, this amount enables to level 59 characters from 1 to 85.
Unsurprisingly, it's a little less than 5M/week on average (4.6M with my results). And not enough to bring a whole collection to level 85...

Probabilities !!

What's more interesting, is the breakdown.
Please note : the sample is a too small to make conclusions (especially for the 10M result)

Reward Attempts Total
1.5M 11 7.7%
2.5M 121 85.2%
5M 9 6.3%
10M 1 0.7%

So, here it is : some insights around the rewards probabilities for the Credit Heist.
Did you have more than one 10M reward ? You're probably a lucky fellow (unless if I was in the "unlucky" side of the RNG... ?)

And don't feel bad about those 1.5M rewards, on average it will happen every 7 or 8 weeks. Sometimes it's more often, and the way your brain works : you will quickly forget all those normal weeks and cry over your bad luck :-).

Bad Luck Analysis

Yeah, this deserves a small section as well...

Worst Heists...

On may 2017, I made 7 Millions in 2 consecutive Heists.
...That's 3x 1.5M and 1x 2.5M.
...That's twice the 1.5M reward the same day !! That's the kind of day where you want to scream out your rage on all social networks...

Weeks without 1.5M

My best streak was 29 weeks without the dreaded 1.5M reward.
That's about 6 months. And well, it finished today... probably triggering this article !

Days without incident : 0

Thanks for reading this quick article ! I'm assuming I have "normal" random results : don't forget this is a small sample, and that it will most probably differ from your own experience !