Should you trust scoundrels ?

The credit heist

The credit heist is a recurring event, happening once or twice every 2 weeks. (between 6 and 12 days, refer to the credit heist history page if you want to see the current average).

It's a bonus way to earn credits. Let's cover the subject, it's very straightforward.

Quick answer : go for it !
Update after the rework of the event : GO FOR IT !

Details of the event

Well, It's a multiwave event, with basic mobs. There are 4 tiers of difficulty, aimed at level 30, 50, 70 and 80. You have as many attempts as you wish, but you can succeed only twice : always do the maximum tier for your roster. However I won't cover details such as "which team to use" or "Is Lando a must have ?". It will mostly depend on your roster.

What's important is the reward.

The reward : millions of credits.

For the last tier, the average reward is 5 million credits (2x 2.5M). You may sometimes gain more (5m or 10m). This is really nice. This is a bit more than what's needed to get a character from level 1 to 80 (4.6M). This is really nice, and will let you experiment with more characters.
However, the big question will revolve around training droids : will you have enough ?

Still, be careful. As soon as you'll unlock mods, cash will be needed.
You'll split credits between levelling your main arena characters, upgrading your mods, preparing your other squads (raid characters, event specific characters - take a look at my long term objectives article)

Being able to finish the credit heist is definitely a priority. The sooner you get this upgrade, the sooner you get your return on investment, and then : profit !
So... go for it ! (I might have told you this earlier)


You're lucky : the scoundrels are not bad guys. Well, not all of them. You will easily fit at least one of them into your main squad. Lando, Stormtrooper Han or IG-88 are very strong characters. Should you pick them, give them what they deserve : good gear, and a decent level.

Chewie, Cad Bane and Dengar are nice additions. These guys should not be focused early on, they're here to help.
Chewie is a starter character, and he's tough, self heals : nice furry friend. Cad Bane is the only scoundrel available from the Galactic War shop, easy pick.
Dengar is available in the guild currency shop : get into a guild asap ! He's nice against the Rancor, but you'll probably have to choose between spending for him and Rey (or the Jawa Engineer, should you follow the path of droids in arena). Dengar has no arena synergy yet, don't over-invest on him (well, that's up to you, who am I to tell ?).
Why Dengar then ? Because Lando is farmed with cantina energy, Cad comes from the GW shipments, ST Han or IG are in the arena shipments, and the cantina currency shipments are coming too slow for you to consider picking somebody else than Qui-Gon-Jin (says the one who regrets not having picked him when he should have).
Conclusion : Dengar is available in the last in-game currency shop, with your guild, enabling you to farm all scoundrels at once.

The other scoundrels are up to you, at the time of writing, they're essentially nice for your collection... (Zam Wessel and Han Solo are out of our scope, if you have them this article has not much use for you).

Cherry on the space cake : scoundrels are used for a mod challenge too. It's the way to unlock the 3, 4 or 5 dots mods granting chances of critical damage. (Damn, Lando would probably like those...)

In short

The credit heist is a priority, a real investment : you'll need to slow your main team for a while, but in the long run, it'll be totally worth it.
Some of the scoundrel characters are really nice : it won't be a waste to focus on them. And you'll use all of them again to unlock some mods. Sweet.

What are you waiting ? Go for it !