Updated and upgraded guild currency optimizer

This little tool is now back with better perks. Instant calculation of the energy to spent, more reset times, reviewed user interface.

The core features have not changed :

  • Tells you what's the current activity
  • ... and what to do next
  • Helps you save your energy to reach maximum revenue
  • ... Only when it's useful
  • Takes into account (probably) all the guild reset times
  • And remembers the settings on your device
  • ... and no registration is required !

Why this tool ?

First of all : if you're not in a guild, join one as soon as possible. Then check back this page.

The guild has many uses :

  • exchanging gear
  • a chat room flooded by your teammates' roster upgrades
  • raid activities, to earn specific raid gear, that require either to limit your damage on the Rancor, or to cry on your 0,3% damage with your top squad versus the AAT.
  • and finally, spending guild currency in a specific shop.

This tool is here to help you get the best guild currency outcome from the daily guild activities.

It's very easy : every day, should you perform the guild activity, you'll progress toward a currency reward. You'll earn more than 200 guild currency / day if you're following the tips. With more than 300 on some days.

The trick is that the payout happens (for most users) at 7:30 PM, when the evening begins. That means every activity will be spread on two days : the midnight reset will let you restart activities the next day (as usual).

For instance, Friday's activity is the daily challenges. But it starts in fact Thursday evening. If you saved your daily challenges of the day, and perform them after the guild reset, you will be able to do them again Friday : for a grand total of 16 battles, and the maximum guild currency outcome (247).

The best being the Galactic War : Don't play any battles on Monday (you may retreat to validate your daily quest), on Tuesday wait for the guild reset, and do them both. Indeed : the galactic wars lasts 48h. If you finish a late GW, you may start a new one at once !

The guild shop and why guild currency matters

The guild shop has, at the time of writing, three exclusive characters

To get these as fast as possible, you need to have enough guild currency in front of you... As simple as that
There is gear too, but there are many other ways to acquire it, and it's pretty expensive in the gear shop. There's less value in spending your guild money buying gear, but hey, if that will give you an edge in arena, go for it.

Dengar is used mostly in raids at the moment. The Gamorrean Guard isn't a key character. However, the Jawa Engineer is a long term key character

  • Strong in the AAT even
  • Necessary for mods giving critical damage (a set you'll need to unlock for all you heavy hitters)
  • The core character to any droid team, but you may not want to follow this path (you may however want to take a look at my guide).

Optimizing the guild currency income, is the best way to be able to buy every shard that pops up ! These characters take a while to level up, missing shards may slow you down, while other keep progressing (and especially in arena...).

Don't get behind, grab your guild currency ! And leave a word if this tool helped you :)