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Just a few words for those who don't know what is Discord or a Discord Bot.
Discord is a popular server used by guilds and players to discuss. It's free and enable you to create chat channels or vocal chat rooms.
You can join existing servers as well to discuss various topics around the game. There are even servers dedicated to specific factions of the game (ex: First Order, Resistance, etc.)

Update - 10/03/2017

  • The prefix is now changed to %, the examples are updated, not the screenshots.
  • There is now a platoon helper command !

Features of the JediStar Bot.

This bot is still evolving, but here's what you can expect from it at the time of writing :

Mods Advice

Looking for which mods to use ?
It's one command away, ex:

%mods captain han

The commands to show Captain Han's mods

If multiple choices are available, you get everything that fits !
%mods yoda
The commands to show Yoda's mods

A Heroic Raid Damage calculator

Do you wonder how much damage you've dealt against the AAT ?
Ask the bot :

%raid aat P3 100% 96.4%

Which can be translated to "How much damage have I dealt when I start my fight at 50% and stop at 30% ?"

Sample of Raid Damage Calculation

Many other forms of calculation are possible (provide the number of damage point you want to deal, and the bot will tell you when to stop). Changing phases is taken into account as well

And more to come...

We're using this bot in my guild and many ideas are still coming. Features for arena or guild management are in the pipe.

There's also a set of feature, currently unreleased, that helps us share the rewards on the raids. We don't want to see always the same players with the best rewards and are using the bot to manage all this. Leave a comment below or a message on Twitter if you want a detailed article about this.

Fine, how do I get it ?

  • Use this link to invite the bot (and this video to know how to add a bot)

  • Join this Discord Server to discuss with the team behind the bot, report bugs or suggest upgrades.

  • Wanna see what's behind ? Contribute ? Tune up your Bot ? Here's the github account for the bot.

Are you using this bot ?

Leave a word here or on the discord server if you're enjoying their work ! A few kind and supportive words are always appreciated :)