Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a game of patience and planning.

When levelling your characters, you'll often be limited by credits. I summed up the major sources of steady income in the game in order to estimate the daily revenue (for a level 80 player).

You may use this value to figure how many days you need to save up until you can finally grant your Emperor Palpatine's level 80 !

Let's get straight to the values, every day you receive on average : 666 125 credits/day (without the credit heist)

This value is composed of the total credits from

  • a full galactic war run (around 562 000 credits / day - this is indeed where most of your cash will come from)
  • the credit challenge (3 times a week for 3x 93 300 credits each)

With the new credit heist event, there are more possibilities based on the max tier you can do, and the "luck" with the reward. While I get more data on the event, we'll leave it behind.
I ignored the revenue from the energy missions, the values are too small.

So what kind of conclusion can we make ?

  • **Levelling a character from level 1 to 80 will require to save credits for 7 days (without the credit heist event).
  • Levelling a character from level 1 to 80, and from 1* to 7* requires almost 10 days (without the credit heist).

The new credit heist brings really a lot more credits : when previously we had to save a lot and select which character to upgrade, with this new flow of credits, new challenges will arise (training droids ?).

Thanks for reading !