A Community Survey



Well, it seems that quite a lot of players are working hard to get a seven star Grand Admiral Thrawn !

More than half the players answering our survey will unlock this new Empire character.

One third of the player can't or won't unlock Thrawn during the legendary event.


For half the players Thrawn will not change the meta. He might find his place in some arena squad, but they don't see him becoming the new "King".

However, 20% of the players feel that he's definitely a powerful character. They might be right as we've seen a possibility to defeat alone the full phase 3 of the Heroic Armored Assault Tank Raid.

Crossing Values

But among those who will upgrade Grand Admiral Thrawn with at least 6 stars, only 24% feel he's a must-have character that will shape the meta/raids.

5% of the players will unlock him with 6 stars or more, and consider it a game changer.

So the overall feeling, is that Grand Admiral Thrawn will be a nice character, but acquired mostly for the collection.