How does it work ?

This is very simple, yet it's quite early to use this completely...

Using any third party app/script at your disposal, you can now upload a file to the Mods Manager and use it almost as usual.

This is still early, and we don't have any turn-key solution to extract your mods. Still... We are sharing the file format, so any PowerShell Gurus, Reverse Engineering Kings, and other Software Geniuses can provide their solutions.

Online ressources to Export your mods in a compatible format :

If you have a way to extract and create a file compatible with the import format, please share it with us ! We will list them below to help everyone find a solution !

  • SWGoH Mods Manager using Google Spreadsheet (beta) : Import a player’s mods from ; Cache the data until re-sync the profile ; Export in our format. There's a support Discord Server : Access it here. Thanks to PopGoesTheWza
  • A practical PowerShell solution for Windows users is available in this repository with a quick start tutorial
  • You can find in this same repository, a very rough mods extractor [here] Using Electron but not being compiled, you'll need to tinker with it yourself. I tested it, it works but unfortunately, packaging it is somewhat a nonsense, with a 100MB file just to extract a few mods. Thanks goes to SomeCallMeTim for his work !

Sample file

You can download a very basic file here

File Format in details :

Sample data :

  "secondaryType_4":"Defense %",
  "characterName":"Jawa Engineer"  
  {"and":"so on"}

File description and possible values

The JSON file should be an array of mods object.
Don't forget to include a unique mod identifier (mod_uid), which will be needed to flag mods in the Squad Simulator
There's no need to sort the mods. just dump all of them in the (correct) file format

Describing the SET

Here's the possible values for the Sets :

  • 'health'
  • 'offense'
  • 'defense'
  • 'speed'
  • 'critchance'
  • 'critdamage'
  • 'potency'
  • 'tenacity'

Describing the Slot

Here's the possible values for the Slots :

  • 'square'
  • 'arrow'
  • 'diamond'
  • 'triangle'
  • 'circle'
  • 'cross'

Pips and Level

Flat numeric value.

  • Level : 1 to 15
  • Pips : 1 to 5 (6 and 7 are supported)

Primary Bonuses :


  • 'Protection'
  • 'Offense'
  • 'Defense'
  • 'Critical Chance'
  • 'Tenacity'
  • 'Health'
  • 'Potency'
  • 'Speed'
  • 'Critical Damage'
  • 'Accuracy'
  • 'Critical Avoidance'


  • '+26' (ex: Speed Arrow)
  • '+23.5%' (ex: Protection Circle)

Secondary Bonuses


  • 'Critical Chance'
  • 'Speed'
  • 'Offense'
  • 'Offense %'
  • 'Defense'
  • 'Health %'
  • 'Protection %'
  • 'Potency'
  • 'Defense %'
  • 'Tenacity'
  • 'Protection'
  • 'Health'


  • '+1.46%' (ex: 'Potency' secondary bonus)
  • '+6' (ex: 'Speed' secondary bonus)
  • '+64' (ex: 'Offense' secondary bonus)
  • '+482' (ex: 'Health' secondary bonus)
  • '+2.16%' (ex: 'Protection %' secondary bonus)