Full Phoenix Squadron mods tips now online

New characters have been added to the mods advisor app


We'll try to quickly explain our changes and mods tips on the blog. Discover below our recommendations for the last Phoenix Squad members

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Hera Syndulla

The squad leader without any doubt with her insane ability to share every unique abilities to all the phoenix squad members.

She has no big weakness, no big strong point, only a good base tenacity.
Having a bonus that persists while she's alive, we chose a set of mods that relies on helping her last longer.
Using Health and Tenacity sets, and mostly protection as primary bonuses.

There's not a real need to have different set for her as leader or support member. In fact, we don't see any squad where she could be efficient with another leader.


This droid will buff your squad, protect them, and will self heal. He can become a game changer, should he provide a speed bonus with a cooldown reduction to one of his teammates. Treat him well !
We recommend a speed set to attack as often as possible and buff his allies with his basic attack.
A defense set on the remaining slots to further mitigate damage.
His special gives him some protection back : besides a speed arrow, go for a full set of protection primary bonuses.

Kanan Jarrus

A Jedi Tank, with a set of abilities probably modeled after a swiss knife.

  • taunting grants tenacity
  • a critical hit applies an unresistible debuff
  • when debuffed, he heals himself
  • ...then his self cleanse restores a lot of protection
  • and he has counter-attacks.

The critical chances set will prove useful with his counter-attacks, which should debuff quite often. A Tenacity bonus will help in his role of tank, especially when taunting (tenacity doubled).
Primary bonuses are inline : protection as he's a tank, tenacity optionally on the cross, critical chances optionally on the triangle.

Ezra Bridger

A jedi with multiple attacks, a powerful assist, who debuffs, gains TM, can trigger a guaranteed critical hit and last but not least, he builds up his offense every turn.

We chose a pure DPS set to let him provide some burst damage when needed with his guaranteed critical hit.

Sabine Wren

A straightforward DPS. Critical Damage and Critical Chance set. You may look for potency for her debuff.

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios

We had trouble choosing a correct set. The easy thing is he needs as much protection as possible. However it's a rather slow character and a tank without taunt. Being resilient is not very useful if you're not being hit...

Having multiple debuffs in his set, we suggest a speed set, coupled with potency : you want him to hit as often as possible.
But you may as well have a defense/potency set of going for full potency.

What's next : Pao in april

The next character announced is Pao... There's a lot of debate about him and his skill set. We don't know yet if he's worth modding at all...