Mods advice for the legendary droid R2-D2, as well as General Veers after his revision.

New characters have been added/updated to the mods advisor app

This article covers the latest additions to the game coming from the star wars rebels series : an revised imperial character, and most importantly the new legendary droid, R2-D2.

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Despite a lot of synergies, multiple abilities and unique effects, we haven't found many variants for R2.
We want him fast, and efficient : burning and stunning are strong debuffs that we want to apply ...and we want to apply them as often as possible.

Going for a speed set, and completed by potency is our choice. With a base speed full maxed of 157, that's at least +15 speed obtained.

The arrow will, as usual, receive the speed primary bonus.
The cross is best used with potency.
The triangle is best used with protection to keep your droid alive a little longer, but a critical chance bonus to get rid of debuffs (Zeta ability) is interesting too.

General Veers

The General Veers is an empire support. As most of the empire characters : he applies debuffs. Though, his debuff is not very powerful : 55% chance to land, at least 15% chances to be resisted, lasts for a turn only, and with 4 rather long cooldown (4 turns)...
What's better is a speed up bonus for a random imperial trooper on his basic attack.

That's why we suggest a speed set to grant "speed up" often. Add a potency set to support his area of effect debuff.

The cross can receive a protection or potency primary bonus.
The triangle will provide some health buffer with some protection.

We suggest an alternative build if he works as leader. Being supported by multiple tanks, you may want to strip protection for offense.

This guys looks fun for Galactic Wars : killing an enemy will grant an offense bonus and will fill half the turn meter of all imperial troopers : it looks like you can speed your way through easy nodes without taking a lot of hits...
What do you think ?