How long do you need to wait to unlock Hermit Yoda

Rewards updated ! (9/21/17)

The Third Territory Battle starts in a few hours. The rewards have changed, with a 33% token increase ! Here's the table updated with the new number of Territory Battles required.

Considering that the guild event is now on a 10 days rotation (instead of a weekly event), this will barely not change the time needed to unlock the little green guy.

Don't forget that this table doesn't take into accounts the tokens you get from the special missions ! (Hint : 270 tokens = 1 Hermit Yoda shard)

Number of TB required to unlock Yoda

I can't wait to see what's in the new lootbox as well...

Old rewards

The first Territory Battle is about to end. Your guild will receive some precious "guild event tokens".

Spending these token will be far too easy ! Gear 12 components, rare shards and blueprints... or shards for Hermit Yoda !

We know the cost of the shard, and you probably have an idea of the number of stars you're about to achieve.

Here's a simple table that shows the number of Territory Battles required needed to work your way through unlocking and finishing Hermit Yoda, should you spend all your tokens in his shards.

For example, if your guild managed 35 stars, and can at least reproduce this score, you will need at least 9 weeks to unlock Hermit Yoda, and a total of 21 to bring him to 7 stars.

This table doesn't include your progression : through weeks you will gain more stars, hence more tokens. But you get the idea.

This table doesn't include as well the bonus tokens from the special mission. That's not much more, but you may get one week off by spending all in Yoda's tokens.

... But invest a little in those shiny ships as well maybe you'll want to ? Or this pesky Hoth Rebel Soldier finish you prefer ?

Yours, is the choice... Your plans are you willing to share in the comments below ?