Mods for april's new characters : Bohdi Rook and Pao

New characters have been added to the mods advisor app

We'll explain our reasoning behind the tips. This article covers the latest additions to the game coming from the rogue one movie : A screaming alien, and a former imperial cargo pilot.

Feel free to discuss our choices in the comments below

Bohdi Rook

We want to use his unique as often as possible, the first mod set we recommend is speed.
Then we had much discussions about the remaining direction. Tenacity to be able to hold the ground longer and provides turn meter as logn as possible, or Potency to apply the turn meter reduction without too many resists.

We think the turn meter reduction is a priority, we recommend a speed set, and a potency set. Using potency on the cross is a good addition as Bohdi as a very low base potency.


This character is troubling. His special abilities having very high cooldowns, it's hard to figure if this character is effectively playable.
There's an obvious conclusion though : you must have a full rebel squad for him to be effective.

Based on this, we suggest a speed set to have as much turn as possible. And a potency set to help apply defense down.