How to mod an Arena Squad

Courtesy of CubsFan Han, here's a nice introductory video on how to mod an arena squad. Don't forget to check his channel here !

Video Content

In this video, you'll discover :

  • how to set up the squad simulator
  • simple filters management
  • a way to sort and assign mods based on your squad
  • CubFan Han's method to deal with set bonuses
  • And the obligatory "crushed-the-opponent-with-my-remodded-squad" sequence, to prove it was definitely worth it ;)

Where to go next

There's a nice feature left out in the video : the Mods Moving Assistant.
A button appears as soon as you picked your first mod for your squad :
Character Recap

Click on the first green button, and bam!, you'll get the full mods list to follow what's been unassigned, and what's left to reassign. All this with all the mods stats to be sure you'll never put the wrong mod.

Mods Moving Assistant

There are some more smart filters available as well.
You can hide mods that have been picked in the simulator ; using the Characters filter, you may hide all mods from specific characters. Very useful when you want to optimize raid mods without moving your arena mods. etc.

At the time of writing, a few features still need to be repaired (especially the option to share a setup). I'll do my best to make everything back up to normal. To be informed on every update, follow my Twitter account, this is where I make the announcements.