Build a sexy profile for Territory Battles

Why this guide ?

Territory Battles is the new game mode for Star Wars : Galaxy of Heroes that emphasises the gameplay on guild coordination and on a personal level, maximising your collection.

Guilds are looking for the best rewards hence, they're looking for players with the same level of playtime and investment in the game.
When it does not match, players have to change guilds sometimes by choice, sometimes this choice is imposed to them...

This is why this article will cover what makes your profile appealing, how to develop your roster and become the latest recruit in your future guild.

Your Objectives

Let's get straight to the point with the list of what you should try to obtain.

The events characters

These characters are key to various battle missions. Have them ready : level 80+, Gear 8 at least.

You will need Rebel Officer Leia Organa, but this character is acquired through a Territory Battle special mission. As soon as you unlock the character, gear her up because she's an excellent Rebel leader for Territory Battles, and she's needed for a special mission with great rewards in phase 6.

A Phoenix Squad, 6* at least

They're needed in a combat mission in phase 5, required in some platoons.

A 7* Rogue One rebel squad

Same as Phoenix squad, they grant some precious battle points.

A Resistance squad with zFinn

The Resistance is currently a life saver in Galactic War, and easily the best squad in territory battles.
It requires one zeta to be placed on Finn, and a little experience to get the best out of their game mechanic. But this is the most guaranteed way to succeed at least once in every phase of Territory Battles.

Check out this infography to have an overview of the resistance squad.

Own some rare characters and ships

Characters such as Lobot, Pao or the Gauntlet Starfighter (ship) with the maximum stars possible are nice additions to your roster as they are required in platoons.
They're considered rare as many players are not taking the time to acquire more stars for these characters. The reason being they're not that usefull in battle.

You should focus on Light Side characters only (for platoons), but you can get Dark Side ships as both dark and light side ships are used in ship platoons.

Verify that none of your characters are level 1 / gear 1

You should give some gear and levels to all of your characters, maximise their stars every time possible, give them all some mods.

Out of the battles, you will need to deploy (assign) all your roster to various zones. Doing so will increase your guild's score, this score is directly based on your galactic power.
Recap : the galactic power is the sum of everything in your roster.

So :

  • get more characters,
  • get them to level 40 or 50 (more is better),
  • give them some gear (aim for gear level 5 or 6),
  • give them some mods (5 dots if possible), and level up those mods.

And pray every day for the Credit Heist, because your credit stash will suffer.


You might want to know how to get all of this in the best way.
While there are always multiple ways to build your roster, here's some directions in order to build your sexy TB profile

First steps

What you should do first when shaping your roster for Territory Battles

  • Give an inexpensive minimum gear and level to all your roster. This will boost your Galactic Power
  • Dedicate your cantina farm to Captain Han Solo then Finn, you'll be ready soon. Add Hera Syndulla after that. (You need to put a Zeta on Finn as fast as possible, save your fleet token at least for him)
  • Invest some of your daily energy into Hoth Rebel Soldier hard nodes (until reaching 5* at least) ; consider farming Lobot hard nodes as well to become even more appealing
  • Use the guild shop to get Resistance trooper, Rey, Jyn Erso and Sabine Wren shards.
  • Use Cantina tokens to get Hoth Rebel Scout (6* at least), Poe (7*) and Chopper (6* at least) in that order
  • Use the arena tokens to buy Admiral Ackbar, then Cassian Andor. Admiral Ackbar is a rebel that can be used in platoons or rebel combat missions and will be your capital ship admiral in ship battles. You may choose to get Kanan Jarrus for your Phoenix Squad as well.
  • Use your Galactic War Tokens for Biggs Darklighter (7*), Resistance Pilot (7*) and Zeb (at least 6*). Consider adding K-2SO and Bodhi Rook to 7* for your Rogue One rebel squad

Including Commander Luke Skywalker in this farm

Here's some empire characters that are relatively easy to acquire and spread into different areas of the game :

  • Consider *Grand Moff Tarkin from the Arena Shop,
  • Darth Vader from the fleet shop,
  • Snowtrooper from the guild shop,
  • Stormtrooper from the cantina shop,
  • Magmatrooper from the Galactic War shop

Having a 7* Grand Admiral Thrawn (using 5x 7* Phoenix) or Emperor Palpatine (with 5x 7* rebels) are good options but you need a good timing with Legendary Events.

Should you have a valid user account, you can use this little tool to compare the events' prerequisites versus your current roster.

Increasing your roster

Here's other light side characters that will help you achieve more in Territory Battles :

  • Wedge Antilles, strong rebel leader and ship pilot (Cantina Battles)
  • Han Solo, heavy hitter with a stun at the start of every battle. You may use him in arena as well. (The Pit heroic reward)
  • Ezra Bridger, Jedi and Rebel, optional phoenix member but provides a nice dispel, good damage output, and flies the Phantom II. (Cantina Battles and Fleet tokens).
  • Bistan (Cantina Tokens) and Scariff Rebel Pathfinder (Cantina Battles) are Rogue One characters, and they're crew members of Bistan's U-Wing.

These are not must have characters and ships. But they're worth the investment.

Did I mention you should have a Resistance squad ?

Because if I did not, start saving a Zeta for Finn and get that squad ready for battle.
This is definitely a big thumb's up in the recruitment process !
Being able to bring consistently 500K+ TB points every phase is very valuable.

Thanks for reading.

If you reached the end of this article, thank you for reading !
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