Simple squad upgrade calculator

Coming back after the level 85 update ? Consider loading the new version by pressing ctrl+F5. Thanks

Upgrading your characters costs a lot of credits. Thankfully, the new credit heist event will help us greatly.
Here's a small tool to help you figure how much you must save to finally upgrade your squad !

Please note that a cookie on your computer will remember your squad details (no registration required).

Some values, (updated with level 85 cap) :

  • it costs 6,269,478 credits to go from level 1 to 85
  • that's 31,347,390 credits for a full squad of 5 level 80 characters.
  • you need 219,431,730 credits to have 7 squads with level 80 characters for the various mods challenges (considering the health mods character can be used in other challenges)

And we haven't covered the cost of mods upgrades... especially the 5 dots ones : 6 slots x 5 characters x ... forget it... I'm broke already.

Out of these 6.2 millions, some percentages :

  • 18% are required to get from 1 to 60,
  • 39% are required to get from 1 to 70...
  • 61% of the cost is required to get from 70 to 85.
  • That's 26% of the cost to get from 80 to 85.


The upgrade cost is not linear, here's how it's distributed :

  • The first spent million will help a character reach level 59.
  • Your next million will make your character reach level 68... 9 levels upgrade.
  • The next million spent grants only 5 levels, reaching level 73
  • then the costs doesn't move much, your 4th spent million will make your character reach level 78 (another 5 levels).
  • the 5th million makes you start level 82
  • the 6th one starts the last level.

The last 3 millions are granting you 10 levels... That's expensive.

Let's get back to leveling...