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Check this previous article's introduction for a few words about Discord.

A popular bot

SWGoHBot (website) is the swiss knife of bots to help players and guilds. with a root of 9 different commands dedicated to give you game tips, and a few more for help and management. (details below)

The figure are speaking by themselves : more than 600 servers, near 40k users. Well... Considering those numbers, you probably already know this bot, aren't you ?!


Here are the most important commands :

  • abilities : Shows the abilities for the specified character.
  • activities : Shows the daily guild activites.
  • challenges* : Shows the daily guild challenges.
  • charactergear : Shows the gear requirements for the specified character/ lvl.
  • faction : Shows the list of characters in the specified faction.
  • modsets : Shows how many of each kind of mod you need for a set.
  • raidteams : Shows some teams that work well for each raid.
  • ships : Shows the info about the specified ship.
  • mods : Shows some suggested mods for the specified character.

Get all the details here


Here's some screenshot

Checking the best mods for Yoda (2 characters)

Description of the abilites of Yoda

(actually returns the 2 available Yoda)

Description of the Slave I ship

Which teams to solo The Pit ?

Do you want to know more ?

  • Invite the bot on your server here
  • Join the discussion, speak with the maker on his Discord support server
  • Wanna check the source code or contribute ? Here's the github (developped with NodeJS)

Wanna share your tools ?

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