Mods. You hate them. I hate them, but we all know they're the real power meta in SWGOH and a necessary evil to chase. So, what's the best way to go about doing so? With mod success being a complete RNG fest there are no quick tricks to landing big speed secondaries. Mods are a volume game and the best way to set yourself up to receive RNG's blessing is to farm as efficiently as possible.

Posted by Waffandrord on the official forum

Let's start with the basics that most players know. Mod secondary stats roll in threes. If you pull a mod showing speed, you automatically should roll it up to level 12 to see if it hits again. If the mod isn't showing speed, you want to roll it up based on the color to see the rest of its secondary stats: 3 for purple, 6 for blue, and 9 for green. If any of those show speed, take it to 12.

Going to 12, of course, is the credit-efficient way to see all of a mod's rolls. The jump from 12 to 15 costs 162.1K credits whereas its almost half that amount, 86.2K, to go from 1 to 12. Make no mistake – farming mods is a credit-intensive process and the smarter you spend, the more mods you'll be able to get through, and the better a chance you'll have of getting good RNG.

Which brings me to gray mods. I purposefully left these out before because they are where things start to get interesting. First, I'll say if you're selling off your gray mods because you think they're not worth it, stop. Not a day goes by that I don't seem to see a player showing off a shiny new God mod with the story that it came from a gray. They are a good source of potential speed.

When you're farming mods from challenges, grays are going to be the majority of mods that you pull. With the high cost of upgrading mods, you could bankrupt yourself pretty quickly. So what's the most efficient way of speculating on these mods?

My strategy is simple: roll to 9. It costs 36K credits, which is less than half of the 86.2K that it cost to go to 12 and you get to see 3 of its 4 stats. I call this strategy "The River" as it's similar to Texas Holdem poker where you ante in to see the first three cards that are flipped. It's the minimal investment required to obtain a good understanding of a mod's potential. I've been using this strategy and so far been able to maintain an equilibrium where my credits remain stable while still being able to churn through a high volume of mods.

Of course, some will say go all the way to 12 and there are times I agree. My exceptions to the rule are for crosses, triangles, and some arrows. These mods, especially crosses and triangles, drop the least. Given their rarity, they are worth the additional credit investment for the chance to get good speed secondaries in these slots. The arrows I keep are ones with appropriate primary stats like offense percentage on an offense mod. Feel free to sell off stuff like a defense primary on a crit damage mod.

It's also important to consider when a gray mod does roll speed, how much is enough to make it worth slicing? Some would say 5 and still others would say roll any that show speed. It really matters where you are in the game. End game players tend to have all their toons decently modded and are really only on the hunt for god mods (the idea being that a mod already only showing low speed has less potential to max out). If you're not that far along, you can go lower as you're likely to have a use for it somewhere. Where I'm at in the game, +4 speed is my minimum.

That's it for now. Please join us next time when we'll take a higher level look at how to structure your weekly farming habit and consider where the mod store fits into the picture.  Written by PartnParcel from Boba's Alliance