Welcome back to our two-part series on farming God Mods. If you haven't read the first installment, please check it out here. Now that we know how to roll mods, let's pull back a level in scope to talk about weekly farming strategies. I buy the three mod refreshes, 150 crystals, everyday. Depending upon where you are in the game with your farms, this may not be possible. But if you have most of the relevant content or can afford it, it should be a part of your daily spend, too. After all, mods really are the most important aspect of this game.

Whether you can spend or not, the strategy remains the same. Roughly, it goes like this: buy the four main slicing mats until you have a pool of about 100 each, farm some new mods, slice them, sell off, rinse and repeat. Why 100? It's an arbitrary number but I find it's a good amount to have on hand for a decent slicing session in the event you pull a good mod or two and want to take them to gold. This is the strategy I use and to date it's netted me nearly 30 +20 speed mods and more than 200 in the double digits.

There are a few other important things to know about when farming mods. First, what to do with grays that fail to slice speed when they go green? Again, this is a matter of preference and where you are at in the game. A green mod showing +5 still has the potential to be a +20, which is a damn good mod but not quite godly given how the bar has raised since Mods 2.0. Personally, I always do it for crosses, triangles, and some arrows because of their aforementioned rarity. Otherwise, I sell because +4/5 grays come so frequently, I can just take a chance on a new mod and spend less time farming slicing mats. Also, once you really get going, capacity is going to be an issue and you'll quickly run out of mod storage.

What about the mod store? Some players only farm exclusively from here and I think that is a mistake. It's the epitome of putting all your eggs in one basket and it's a pretty expensive basket. Gold mods are nearly 4 million credits and for that amount I could speculate on so many more mods through traditional farming. That's not to say I never use the store.

The only mods I tend to buy from the store are, you guessed it, crosses, triangles, and some arrows that have the right primaries. If you see a gold or purple tenacity cross with a tenacity primary showing +5 speed, dive on it like a football. The chances of this coming up in your normal grind is exceedingly rare so it's worth the credits. One other exception is any mod with perfect set of secondaries. An example would be an offense set with flat offense, offense %, speed, and crit chance. In short, use the store sparingly but don't make it your main source of mods as it'll quickly drain your credits.

Another subject to address is three and four dot (or pips as some call them) mods. Many players have called for these mods to be removed from challenges as they consider them a waste of time since they can only be leveled and not sliced and tend to increase speed by smaller increments.

By that measure you would think to just sell these off and there's a strong argument to do so. Still, I level/slice at least the four dots of green or better quality. The reason is the cost of leveling these mods is half of what it costs to do five dots. And while these will never be God mods, there's still plenty of characters that can benefit if you get lucky with +15 or +17 speed.

The last and simplest piece of grinding mods is selling them. This should go without saying, but keep up with selling mods mods that don't roll speed. There is a significant amount of credits to be recouped in doing so and it's an important part of the mod grinding life cycle for maintaining the credit equilibrium that I discussed earlier.

I tend to do a few kind of sell offs. The first is a simple sort by speed while in the selling window which will put all the speed-less duds at the top. The 2nd is a the same search with a filter for tier D then tier C mods to get rid of grays that didn't blossom into God mods after being sliced.

That's the nuts and bolts of efficiency grinding for God mods. It's not the most exciting subject, but it's certainly one of the most important ones to consider when trying to excel at this game. If you have a different strategy or just want to share feedback, feel free to comment on the post. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

- Partnparcel (Boba's Alliance)