1 of the classic go-to pages on all your swgoh information "Crouching Rancor" is back!  Boba's Alliance has agreed to start posting blogs and guides to keep the page alive. If you've never heard of us, we're the same group of people that have taken over the CR bot and started maintaining it.   Boba's Alliance is an alliance founded in August 2018 by White Walker, Epoch (Parabellum) and Avinash(Alpha, Braveheartz).

By now there are 2100+ swgoh lovers from all over the world gathered in one discord server. All of our guilds have private channels and are run independently so don't let the word 'alliance' deter you!  We have server-wide channels for strategy, game discussions, and advice, along with fun channels like movies/TV, music, memes, and a channel to show off your pets, plus many more!  

There's also a lot being done to make the game more fun and easier. Multiple bots and websites have been created, some Alliance only and some for the whole swgoh community!  Examples of these  tools are the CR bot and the live payouts bot.  


You can become apart of our family too if you want since currently, our guilds range from 40M to 295M GP - Up to 31 stars in DSGTB - Up to 18 stars in LSGTB. There's a guild with us for every kind of player!  Sign up on our Recruiting server!