How many crystals do you get every day ?

That's a legitimate question, it varies depending on your arena rank, however there's a steady income for everyone.

Round it up to 115 crystals

I won't list in details the various amounts. but we can quickly add them up :

  • 65 crystals for all daily activities at level 80
  • 25 for a full GW run
  • 300 crystals from the daily login rewards (~10 / day on average)
  • at worst 15 crystals from a Ugnaught-Solo-Squad arena rank

The arena prevails

Every day, you will receive a prize based on you arena rank. Up to 500 tokens if you're the first.

It's obvious then to state that you should absolutely focus on your arena squad from the start

It doesn't mean that you have to stick to your first 5 characters, but instead plan your progression : which character to unlock ? When to drop your average ones ?
You may like Chewie's fur and hugs, but he won't bring many crystals home. He will not last for a long time in your squad.

But we're talking crystals, not squad building.

Get below rank 100 and you can almost double your crystal income ! (100 crystals reward if you rank between 50 and 100). If you take time to read about the game, and select your squad based on efficiency rather than the coolness, such rank is accessible.

You may consider buying additional arena battles : but the cost of the refresh equals the reward for gaining a rank in the prize table... Not worth it. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is played over weeks and months. Upgrade your squad, choose carefully your opponents, and climb slowly but surely the ranks.

And how to spend these hard earned crystals ?


When you're still levelling, it's safe to say : don't buy character packs ! No Chromiums !
Focus on refreshing either standard energy, or Cantina energy. The benefits are the following :

  • Acquire shards for a specific character you chose
  • Obtain more XP, helping you level faster

Indeed : the best your level, the easier to progress in arena...

Choosing between standard battles, or Cantina battles is another debate. You may however find some clues with our Cantina Planner.
But don't neglect standard hard battles : some shards are only available there, and your number of attempts is limited every day. (ex: Royal Guard -until level 77-, Ewok Scout, First Order Tie Pilot,...)

End Game

When you'll reach level 75 and above, you can consider different paths :

  • refresh energy to continue farming shards (or mods),
  • keeping crystals to buy raid gear,
  • keeping crystals to buy mods

Buying gear or mods with crystals can be worth it. You should not buy everything only because you need it though : some gear is only obtained with Raid battles, but is available randomly in the shop. This is what to buy from the shop, save 1400 crystals for those dreaded items :

As for mods, it's a different read, it's more complex and based on the secondary bonus provided (tip : at the time of writing, speed is good).

Spend or save

To conclude on this subject, from a Free2Play perspective : stockpiling indefinitely crystals has no use. Don't buy chromiums, nor exclusive offers for shards or gear packs.

Either refresh your energy for specific shards, or save for gears and mods.

There's no definitive rule, switch between shards and gears based on your arena squad. Struggling to maintain a good rank ? Go for the gear. Working on some new composition ? Go for the shards...
Lacking a godly mod ? Save a couple thousand crystals to pop some mods tags !

Do you think I forgot something ? I'd gladly hear your way to use your precious crystals...