Modding the ewoks

New characters have been added/updated to the mods advisor application

This article covers the latest additions to the game : Paploo and Logray. We also modified the mods suggestion for previously released ewoks as they have been updated too.

Feel free to discuss our choices in the comments below


An ewok tank with good base potency and tenacity ; very slow though.
He's able to inflict speed down, but this is not the reason to play paploo.
He's here to tank : go for as much protection as possible.

Ewoks are using many assists, and providing a lot of turn meter. A speed arrow for Paploo is not necessary :

First, Paploo's taunt is turn based, so the longer his turns, the longer he taunts. (you may want to lure enemies into dispelling other spells before taunting).
Secondly, he will still play "faster" due to other Ewoks turn meter gain abilities, so this will compensate.
Finally, his unique gives him speed as well if he's not taunting (around +20)

Even if he is slow, he will grant his allies defense bonuses when he's called to assist.

We're choosing a mixed defense and tenacity sets to push further the character's resilience.
If combined with Logray, some critical chance mods can fit in the equation : with Turn Meter gain on each critical hit


Support character, with good potency and tenacity as well.
This character needs potency to apply daze and reduce turn meter efficiently.

We want logray to play often. to daze, reduce turn meter and buff allies (granting TM)
A Speed set will give a +12 bonus at gear 11, that's not the best but it's already a heads up.

You may want to have him as your fastest character to grant 20% turn meter right at the start of the battle to your other ewoks.

A Speed set, with a complementing potency set is what you're looking for.
Add as much potency and critical chance to get the best out of Logray


We have enough data on this character to build a mod profile.
We know he's an attacker, and guess what : critical hits wil trigger bonuses.

This is another straightforward attacker set :
Critical chance and critical damage sets.
Place some offense or protection primary bonuses on the cross' slot.
You may want to have him close to 100% critical chance, so a triangle with critical chance can work instead of the classic critical damage.

Chief Chirpa

Let's review this classic ewok, recently updated.
He's your leader of choice in arena as he will provide turn meter and damage. And with a zeta upgrade, he will trigger assists.

He can speed up your team, triggering another assist attack. He will grant retribution as well which is interesting to trigger basic attacks (that will grant TM).

His kit doesn't need potency or specific bonuses. We will recommend a speed set as primary, to call for assists and apply retribution.
The complementing set will be Critical Chance to synergize with Logray's unique.
You may give him some offense on the cross, or play safe with protection

Ewok Elder

The ewok elder is a support specialized in reviving.
On his basic, he may grant 25% turn meter to all other ewoks.
He's here to dispell all of his furry friends, and can bring one back from the dead on demand.

He's here mostly to hit with his basic attack. Let's go for a speed set, and a critical chance set like Chief Chirpa.
You may prefer to give him some offense, or more protection on the cross.

Ewok Scout

This is the sniper of your team. he's here to hit hard. You will give him the classic attacker set :
critical damage and critical chance bonuses.

With the ewok synergy, his assist can remove a lot of enemy turn meter, and every critical hit will give him a third of a turn.

He's your ewok machine gun.


Teebo was a key character to fight in the pit versus the Rancor. He's still very useful, but many teams are working without his set.

In your ewok squad, he can give a turn to you whole team, dispell an enemy, and can remove turn meter if he's stealthed.
As a leader, you need to rely on good random number generation (RNG) to be stealthed frequently and to trigger a turn meter bonus for you squad members.
I don't think this is worth the risk, especially in defense.

You will need potency to remove turn meter consistently, and a speed set because you want to play really often
Consider a triangle with critical chance bonus if you're playing with Logray.