How to mod BB-8 ?

BB-8 will be played with different mods setup depending on his allies.

Check our recommandations gor BB-8 and all the others setups here :

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BB-8 with the Resistance

This setup relies on the leadership of Finn, with the zeta upgrade. Sadly, without this upgrade the Resistance is not very useful.

We chose to put an offense set (4 slots), and complemented by 2 potency mods.
BB-8 will benefit from the speed given by the expose mechanic giving him Turn Meter. You may focus your primary and secondary bonuses on offense and potency.

BB-8 with droids

These setups relies on the leadership of HK-47, giving more critical chance, as well as a powerful turn meter bonus after every critical hit.
You will want to bring him in a squad with droids that can deal a lot of critical hits, especially when they hit multiple enemies at once to reduce the cooldown of illuminated destiny.

  • HK-47 can land a lot of debuffs
  • B2 Dispels all the opponents
  • R2-D2 burns and reduces the dodge from the opponent
  • IG-88 hits really hard everyone at once.

Well, that's a wrap, bring these 4 droids in battle along with BB-8 and stomp your opponents...

I disgress, there are 2 paths possible when it comes to mods for droid play

BB-8 joining the gang of Damage Dealers

All droids are set to deal the maximum amount of damage : go for Critical Damage and Critical Chance sets.
Critical damage triangle, offense cross.
Focus Speed on secondaries, or Critical Chance.

BB-8 tanking for his fellow droids

With Covert Data Transfer, BB-8 will taunt if there are only ally droids... In a full droid squad, you're sure to have this buff active.

Try to go for full protection then !
Keep Critical Damage / Critical Chance set as they are the basics of the droid synergy.
Focus all primary and secondary bonuses on protection, tenacity or critical chance.
You should keep a Speed arrow to still be able to play before the opponent squad. But the +40% turn meter bonus at the start of the fight should help you having a head start.

If I don't have zFinn or HK-47 ?

Well, pick one of the setups above, but you'll miss the best of the tin ball. He'll be fun to play along R2-D2, but will really shine with those teams.

Did I miss a great squad setup ? let me know, I'd happily review and add your ideas !